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Endulge in some winter sweetness with Ooh fudge

Ooh fudge

We received the most delicious box of treats today from Ooh fudge

They sent over their Winter Special which is a box containing :-

1x 9 piece gift box of mixed fudge squares
2x Brownies
1x salted caramel sauce
5x Assorted fudge bars

( All for only R200)

Ooh fudge deliver silky smooth fudge with delicious names like unicorn fudge and Hazelnut cappuccino.

You can also buy other amazing flavours like:

  • Their legendary flavour
  • Coco Pina
  • Blueberry & cream
  • Coffee
  • Nutty almond
  • Cookies & cream
  • Rose
  • Toasted coconut
  • Strawberries & cream

Not only do I love the eye catching colours and presentation but I love that the fudge was actually not overly sweet.

It had just the right mixture of flavor and creamy sweetness to have me wanting more.

With this delicious fudge collection I could satisfy any mood and it’s obvious that Zulfa has perfected her craft over the last few years.

Ooh fudge also make the most yummolicious salted caramel sauce and brownies.

I personally can’t wait to pour that salted caramel sauce over waffles or ice cream and Brent ( who never eats sweets) went straight for the mouth watering brownies.

Thank you Oohfudge_cpt for bringing a little sweetness to our day 💕


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