Majorette Tune Ups toy review and giveaway

Majorette Tune Ups toy review and giveaway

The most amazing die cast cars arrived at our door yesterday from Majorette South Africa.

These cars are avaliable in store from the 10 July 2021 and are an entire new level of collectable fun for your children.

Each collector car is packaged in a stylish secret box that needs to be twisted open to reveal one of 18 types of cars,allowing your children to collect, trade and tune up their cars. They can join their friends and see who can collect the full series and get the prized ultra rare Toyota “Hachi – Rocku”.

The Majorette Tune ups are divided into four catagories

  • Ultra rare
  • Super rare
  • Rare
  • Cool

On discovering their die cast car, your child will pop open a few more surprises…..

Cool accessories and stickers to tune up their cars from drab to fab and allow your child to add their own personal touch of style to their cars.

Each car contains a plastic collectable card, displayed on their blue display box, describing the name and make of their car, unique features and abilities like terrain, speed and style. Children can easily compare their cars with their friends.

One of the features I like are the little blue boxes which act as garages or storage boxes to keep the cars in for display and the fact that the packaging contains very little plastic.

Hamish loves these and spent the entire day tuning up and test driving his new wheels. He can’t wait to join his friends by collecting the full set of 18 in the hopes of getting the Ultra rare “Hachi – Rocku”.


To celebrate the launch of these super cool cars, we are giving away a set of 5 Majorette Tune Up cars.

To enter sign up to Fun Mamma SA and comment below with one feature of these collectable cars.

Winner will be chosen on 30 July 2021

19 Replies to “Majorette Tune Ups toy review and giveaway”

  1. I’m sure my little boy would love these..he’s already a huge hotwheels fan. But the added ‘surprises ‘ might change my little man’s mind.

  2. These are definitely the best metal cars I’ve come across, they provide so much more than just a car! Just the stackable storage boxes alone provide hours of fun, add in the accessories and stickers to customize them and they are a winner. My kids are also after that ultra rare. Update- we opened our last one and it was a double…. its time to start trading!

    1. I love the storage boxes which you can stack to store the cars. The concept of swopping cars with friends is awesome and can be lots of fun opening the pack to see what the ‘mystery’ car is.Accesories are a pkus to play around with. Will hope to find the Ultra Rare “Hachi – Rocku” but also have my eye on a few others

  3. Wow, love these!! Boys always love cars and these are sure to be a hit with Logan and friends. Look forward to start his collection…

  4. My son loves the Suzuki Jimny and i love the fact that they come with stickers to pimp the ride

  5. I have never heard of these cars before, so I read that they are divided into 4 categories. 1. ULTRA RARE, 2. SUPER RARE, 3. RARE and 4.COOL.
    My son Carter would really love one of these and would love the display box to admire them and that they have a spot to put them back to after playing.

  6. These are just so incredibly awesome. I love that in effect you are getting more than one car here – I mean that to me is a major bonus lol. My boys will just absolutely love these. Thank you for sharing your reviews with us, some of the best ideas and toys ever.

  7. Oh and the one main feature I did not actually mention – The little information cards – my boys love to know everything about a car and now they will as well as be able to play their own kind of Trumps game 🙂

  8. They are so nice. It’s great that they come with little surprises and stickers to dress them up. As well as the little storage box that can double as a garage.

  9. Majorette Tune Up Cars.

    One of the features is that it comes with a blue box which act as garages or storage boxes.

    As well as the stickers you get to decorate your own car to give it a unique look.

    Kids love surprises and it’s so much fun to be able to trade and collect

  10. This sounds so awesome, my son has been collecting Majorette cars for the last 5 years, and he is only 7 years old. He loves the little storage box in this set, and will probably also use it as a garage. The stickers and extras look very fun and interactive. I guess we have to start collecting and trading.

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