Eskom Expo hosts District Expos to enhance learners’ research skills

Aspiring young scientists across South Africa are encouraged to showcase their initial Eskom Expo research endeavours at an upcoming District Expo, where they will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from a team of experts.

This valuable input from experts will enable learners in Grades 4 to 12 to refine their research and enhance its quality, in preparation for presentation at Regional Expos, said Eskom Expo Academic Director, Dr Krishnie Naidoo.

“A requirement to take part in a District Expo is for learners to have started and completed their research projects, or are close to completing their research projects and need further guidance. Experienced Judges at District Expos will provide guidance to learners on their research projects. This guidance will be valuable preparation for the next stage of the competition, which is the Regional Expos,” said Naidoo.

Receiving feedback from experts at the District Expos is an essential aspect of any research project in any of the 13 Eskom Expo categories, as it can help learners improve the quality of their work, and enhance their understanding of the scientific concepts involved.

Experts can help identify errors in research methodology, experimental design, or data analysis, while identifying gaps in knowledge or understanding of the topic, which can help learners to focus their research efforts and improve the quality of their work. Experts can also help to enhance the creativity of young scientists, and provide them with new ideas and perspectives.

Following Eskom Expo’s Research and Innovation Camp initiative and workshops held across the country, District Expos aim to empower young scientists with the knowledge necessary to undertake research projects of international calibre.

Eskom Development Foundation Chief Executive Officer, Sumaya Nassiep, said: “To tackle the current and future challenges that our country faces, it is imperative that the next generation of scientists, engineers, and researchers possess innovative and diverse skills and knowledge that are globally relevant and locally contextualised. The Eskom Expo for Young Scientists programme presents an opportunity to cultivate such a cohort of future scientists, who will undoubtedly make significant contributions to both the local and international scientific communities. However, developing high-calibre scientists requires significant effort and guidance, particularly during the early stages of skills development. This is where District Expos play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of young scientists by providing them with the necessary support and guidance to excel.”

 Nassiep further stated:  “Eskom takes great pride in the role it plays in creating a pipeline for scientists and engineers through the Eskom Expo. Encouraging young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and innovation (STEMI) is crucial for the advancement of our country and the preservation of our planet. Investing in science education, particularly at an early age, is critical for preparing our youth for the challenges of the 21st Century and beyond. By supporting the Eskom Expo, we are nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers, and providing them with the skills and resources necessary to tackle the most pressing issues facing our society.”

  1. Learners, teachers or parents are required to contact a respective Eskom Expo Provincial Coordinator or Regional Science Fair Director in their province to register to take part in a District Expo.

Click the link for dates and contact details:

Registration for the 2023 Eskom Expo is still open. Aspiring scientists and innovators can visit the Eskom Expo website at for more information.

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