Hand print art – the end of our era

It’s Mother’s day in a few days and those who know me know that I share ( or overshare) an abundance of crafts and activities for little ones- especially over the holidays.

My social feeds are normally flooded with cute artworks Hamish and I have made or a hundred and one hand print art ideas.

As a preschool teacher, mom of many, homeschooler, firm believer in a hands on approach to the first 5 formative years of a child’s life and an eternal creative it comes naturally to me to make all learning a craft.

A hands on way to remember, engage,create and learn.

There has honestly never in 31 years of parenting, not been a year that I wasn’t knee deep in macaroni jewelry or creating yet another hand print art project. There was always a baby or preschooler to craft with.

Until this year!

We’ve outgrown the handprints!

He grew up

Hamish has past the age of cute pre cut art projects and handprints.

This last year has seen him creating more by himself. Enjoying the process of taking a blank canvas and seeing it transform into a masterpiece.

And so we have started to explore new craft mediums and our conversations now include words like tone, shade, perception and line.

He critics his own art. Trying to perfect a technique or trying something new.

Learn to draw videos on YouTube have become popular and we’ve moved away from playdoh to discover self hardening clays in whites and terracotta.

His Cricut is his best friend and his photographic eye is becoming better as he learns to stabilize the camera,focus, frame a shot and zoom in or out.

Art gallery visits are the highlights to our outings and we look deep within the images, discussing the topics.

No longer do we randomly tear paper or glue card. No longer does finger painting and chalk drawings excite his creativity.

He’s moved to a world where he’s learning to express his creativity and there is little room for moms preschool crafts.

He grew upĀ 

Where does this leave me

Selfishly, I found myself lost. Not knowing what content to share with you ….our friends who have become so used to sharing our creative moments.

I lost myself this year. For the first time in ages I wasn’t sure what to share. How much of his new creative growth to feature. Where to start…

And so I grew quiet. Trying to process the need of me less, the end of our era of the crafts I love and to grow accustomed to the new …

Those middle Years

But, isn’t that very much like those middle years of parenting?

As pregnant and new moms you are overwhelmed with resources and everyone is talking.

Toddlers and preschool years are covered exclusively on most blogs and social sites.

And even the teenagers make a come back in conversation as parents navigate through those moody, dark uncharted waters.


Those middle years, from when your child enters junior school, seem to be a quiet mystery of school whatsapp groups and aftercare pickups.

The kids are no longer cute, life gets busier as you juggle homework and extra murals and somewhere in the abyss of parenting we go quiet. Popping up every so often to share an accomplishment or ask a quick question.

We don’t love our children less during these times, but like the proverbial middle child, they seem to coast along.

By now you should have parenting down to an art and society expects that you have your village….

And so, you grow quiet as you mourn the loss, grow accustomed to the new and find your footing in this crazy roller coaster of parenting.


My conclusion came two days ago as I proudly witnessed Hamish draw Bluey, almost perfectly , from a YouTube video.

I realised our crafting isn’t over…it just looks different.

And so it must be with many of you. As you transition from one parenting era to the next…it may look different.

Then finally it came to me!

I knew that I can represent this growth and encourage you all along the way and still share the massive amount of resources we’ve made over the years.

Yes, that means some of my blogs may have older photos of a much younger Hamish but I believe these are still relevant.

Whilst I may not be ready to give up the hand print art or the hours of dyed rice sensory play, I am also ready to guide my child as he navigates this fun , new and exciting phase of his growth.

So Happy Mother’s day to all the macaroni jewelry moms and those whose creative paths are travelling past the hand print art.




Judy ❤️



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