Expresso Cafe Bayside Shopping centre -review

This has to be one of my favourite little coffee shops.

I’m a frugal mom, and years of raising 6 kids on one income, has meant that I will always look for a great bargain and a way to stretch my budget.
Expresso Cafe in Bayside shopping center allows just that.


This little store stands alone, inviting you into a peaceful ambiance where you can sit down or order a takeaway.
The benches, chairs, and tables were spotless on our visit and the tabletops were divided by clear plastic screens allowing for Covid restrictions to be upheld.
The staff are warm, friendly, and eager to assist. In South Africa, great service is often overlooked so I always appreciate someone who is helpful and polite whilst doing their job.
The menu is extensive and you can grab a coffee, slushies, soft drinks, pastries, pies, and even pancakes.
The food is fresh and the pies are delicious.
Best of all ….everything in the store costs R12 an item.
Yes, you read that correctly. R12 for anything you buy.

Our order

I visited with Hamish and Ronan.
Hamish ordered a slushie, pie, and donut which came to R36
Ronan ordered a slushie, pie, and brownie. His food also cost R36.
I ordered a coffee, water to go, and pie and my order was R36.
This meant that all 3 of us got to eat out, with a drink and pudding for only R108
Where else can you still buy a meal, dessert, and drink for under R50 per person?
So, next time you are in the area …pop in and enjoy a budget-friendly meal.

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