Fairy feet

The strangest thing happened this morning .

I was rushing , as I seem to be all the time lately and Tammi had come to drive bear to school.

I finished following bear, putting his shirt on and locating both shoes. Really, why is it toddlers can’t stand still exactly ?

Checked everything was in his bag, gave him his wonder cup freshly filled with milk, and grabbed my keys.

We opened the door and as I turned to lock , Tammi asked me what was on the electrical box outside the flat.

I bent lower to see what she was talking about ….

There on the floor and box were two sets of cute little blue feet.

It was just too odd. I have no idea how the feet got there or who took the time to place them so neatly but I told her and bear it must be the fairies.

Why fairies ?

As a child i grew up with the Fairy tales of Enid Blyton. Everything was magical and I believed I could see and speak to the fairies.

My imagination was full of fairies for every occasion and I speng hours outside turning our Jacaranda tree flowers into a purple carpet for the Fairy queen.

I tried to instill that same magic in my children and still do with bear.

I remember once explaining that fairies lived under mushrooms and in flowers so we shouldn’t pick them and destroy the flowers.

The flowers were painted by the tree fairies who looked after the animals in trees so we needed to respect the trees to help the fairies.

I told them fairies were so small we often couldn’t see them.

One day Byron came rushing to me, he was about 5 years old, and told me to come quickly he found a fairy while blowing dandelions to make wishes.

I was quite shocked and we set off to see the Fairy he had found.

As I bent lower to the spot he was pointing out I found a little yellow lady bug nestling quietly on the rock.

After looking at the sleeping fairy Byron placed a large leaf over the “fairy” so that she could finish her nap before the giant fairy ball.

I also remember telling them every time they said they didn’t believe in fairies a fairy lost her wings.

Ronan was so upset when I told him this as he envisioned hundreds of fairies losing their wings, it didn’t help that he woke to hundreds of flying ant wings on our verandah the next morning.

I had to save this one before my child had a fairy break down so I told him fairies could grow new wings if a child who believes blew on a dandelion and wished for new wings for the Fairy.

I love the magic of childhood and fairies….even if they only live in the imagination of a child .

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