Bear’s space

I like to keep things accessible for bear to foster as much independance as he can.

At home we encourage him to try new things and learn to do as much for himself as he is able to.

Obviously this is done within reason, with guidance and knowing that we are ready to jump in at any second to help him.

But by me always doing everything for him all I’m teaching him is that he isn’t capable of doing something.

By encouraging him to do it for himself I’m building his self confidence , helping him understand he is allowed to fail or make a mess, fosters his independance and his want to try new things and learn.

So today , after a week of looking at these cute car coat hooks monkey bought his brother, I finally put them up.

I chose a small space on the side of the bedroom cupboard and placed them at his level.

One is to hang his jacket and the other is for his school bag.

Under the bag I placed a basket with his shoes.

So everything has a place and he can grab what he wants when he needs it. He can also learn to pack away his belongings , keep them neat and look after them.

I’ve placed his birthday board above it and am in the process of making a small art board so we can display his newest art work on it for him.

He was quite chuffed with the final result but not too impressed that I kept telling him he couldn’t take the car hooks off the door .

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