The waxing party

Imagine a group of women gathering together for a fun afternoon of waxing, wine and wild laughter.

Mandy hair removal recently launched a campaign to assist the women of Cape Town to still look and feel sexy even though they are currently restricted to a 2 minute shower.

Now if any of you have tried to shave in 2 seconds and succeeded I applaude you.

I for one can not.

Shaving with a bucket of water is just as uninspiring as dry shaving and mostly we’ve just been hiding our hairy legs under some trendy yoga pants.

So when Mandys offered us a free trial we eagerly jumped at the option to once again run a hand over a smooth leg.

Most of us hadn’t tried waxing before and were a little apprehensive after the horror tales of how painful waxing can be.

My experience

I bravely grabbed a wax strip, rubbed it in my hands to heat it and after pulling the sticky mass apart , I plopped a piece under first one arm and then another.

Rub in the same movement as the hair growth and pull upwards.

Ouch !


I think my hairs were too short. So I braved my moustache.

Yes, even us fabulous forty ladies have unwanted hairs growing on our faces. I personally do not bring this issue up often and like to dispose of all follicles before my secret is out.

I chose a pink sensitive strip. Of course I also chose not to do a strip test. I mean does anyone actually do these?

Warm strip, pull the pretty pink wax apart and apply.

Simple! Right!?!

I smoothed it over and pulled it against the hair growth.

Again nothing…


A huge pink line of sticky wax .

Again not reading the instructions ….I tried to wash it off with water and then toothpaste ( because toothpaste removes anything Right? ) only making the wax residue stickier.

20 minutes later I finally wiped all sticky pink marks off and had a small burn on my face.

Well that will teach me to skip the steps that insist on reading the lable and doing a strip test.

Determined that I was removing hair regardless, I grabbed the wax strips once more.

I let out a sigh and started the process once again….

Slap! I plastered the wax on my legs, rubbed downwards and pulled up .

I was ready to yell in pain when I realised there I stood , wax strip boasting my leg hairs and no pain.

I hadn’t shaved my legs in 2 weeks so there was enough growth, in fact I’m sure I could have actually plated my leg hairs into a fancy updo.

I took about 15 minutes to complete both legs and I was quite impressed at the lack of mess, no residue and how little wax I actually used. I expected to use alot more.

It was a bit tricky navigating the forced hair removal over my knees but I suppose practice makes perfect.

So in conclusion:

  • I need to always read the instructions and do strip tests . ( no more pink wax moustaches for this blogger)
  • I chickened out of a bikini wax …I was not that brave.
  • I do not have the makings of a beauty blogger… to all those beauty bloggers out there I have an instant new respect for what you do.
  • Waxing is not for everyone and whilst I think I’ll stick to a hair removal cream for my facial hairs , I’m very happy to wax my legs . Who knows if I grow my armpit hairs longer I may even switch to waxing them aswell.
  • The Mandy hair removal waxing products are easy to use and not at all as sticky or as painful as I thought they would be.

Do you wax ?

Share your experiences good or bad in the comments below.

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