Falling down the rabbit hole

Last night Canal walk launched the wondrous theatrical version of Alice in Wonderland.

Excitement mounted as we got ready to fall down the rabbit hole and join Alice as she discovered Wonderland with the white rabbit and friends.

As lights dimmed so our anticipation began. Soft music alerting us to the start of the production.

Enter Alice ….

Falling through the rabbit hole she becomes 3 feet tall and meets many zany characters along her dreamlike journey.

From singing flowers with attitude to our good friends Tweedle dum and Tweedle dee.

I worried how much of the story would be portrayed, but the highlights of the tale have all been cleverly condensed to tell the story beautifully.

For bear the presence on stage of the Queen of Hearts with her thundering comments of “OFF WITH HIS HEAD” was mesmerizing.

And after rushing about trying to get my 21 month old toddler to sit still I was preparing to exit many times during the show … I was wonderfully shocked to find bear sat still throughout the entire production calling for the white rabbit to hop back.

So many hours go into preperation both on screen and behind and those efforts fused magically to bring this childhood classic to life through bright, engaging characters and catchy songs

You can book to see the show here and read more about the show here

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