Money bags

This month we recieved the money bag from Kids book club.

As usual I was looking at ways that we can reuse the bag and still allow bear to learn whilst playing with his woodland money.

Here some of the ideas we came up with:


If you *photocopy the Woodland money and set up a shop , your little ones can use their money to purchase items that match the amount they have.

For example if the dolls are 100 woodland notes and the cars 10 woodland notes and the kiddy only has 10 woodland notes they can only buy the car.

Great real life lesson on budgets 🤔

Encourage good behaviour

Using the above concept you could also use the woodland notes as reward for chores and good behaviour allowing your child to earn a reward or work for one.

For example going to macDonalds may be 100 woodland notes and they will need to earn 10 x 10 woodland notes by keeping their room clean for 10 days to go.

A nice way to teach our children the difference between needs and wants and how to work towards a goal. They can also learn how much makes up each denomination. ( early maths concepts) and practice multiplication.

10 x 1 woodland notes = a 10 woodland note

10 x 10 woodland notes = a 100 woodland note

Posting games

I made bear two different posting games.

I would recomment gluing the cut out note or coin onto card to make it more stable. ( we used the Kids book club badge as coins and so can collect more each month)

In the first one I cut around the rectangle and the circle and bear then posted notes in one and coins in the other. It is also great to reinforce what the shapes are.

In the second I turned a shoe box on its side and he posted the money into the top as you would a money box. Perfect for hand eye co-ordination.

Matching games

The money also makes for a great opportunities to match shapes.

*Photocopy the bag and glue onto a card base. Then use the cutout money to paste on top to match up .

Or you could do what I did and draw around the shapes allowing your toddler to match them. This activity is great for developing puzzle skills.

*photocopy only for home use not for resale. All images are copyright of Kids book club.

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