Fireheart- movie review

I recently sat down and watched Fireheart with Hamish and absolutely love the story. 

Not only because it shows a time where girls couldn’t just dream freely of becoming anything they wanted, but also because it teaches us to keep dreaming,live our passion, never give up and that you can be anything you want to with the right attitude. 

If you haven’t yet seen this movie I highly recommend grabbing that popcorn and sitting down with the kids to watch it. 

About the film:

In Fireheart, 16-year-old girl Georgia (voiced by Olivia Cooke) disguises herself as a young man, Joe, to join the male-only fire department. When a mysterious spate of arson attacks draws her former-firefighter father, Shawn (Kenneth Branagh), out of retirement, he and his team — Joe included — investigate.

My thoughts : 

Genre: Animation

Age  This film is recommended for children age 7+

Educational Yes as the movie highlights real firefighters from around the world in the credits and the film ends with a history of female firefighters in New York City. It is also a wonderful introduction to some of the training needed as a firefighter and to open discussion on why women were not allowed to become firefighters.

Positive role models Yes

Positive message Yes

Diversity Yes

Violence None

Scare factor Slightly as the film discusses arson. Reference to people dying in a fire and some slight scare with people dangling from buildings. 

Adult content none

Bad Language none

Movie Details : 

Cast: Olivia Cooke, Kenneth Branagh, William ShatnerDirectors: Theodore Ty, Laurent ZeitounStudio: HuluGenre: Family and KidsRun time: 92 minutes

Watch the trailer here 

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