Meet the Black Doll Brand That Lets You Shop by Curl Pattern and Skin Tone


Shopping for inclusive dolls just became easier than ever before. Orijin Bees is a Black doll brand on a mission to bring representation to children’s toys. Born from a mother’s desire to give her daughter a doll that looks like her, Orijin Bees had taken another huge step forward.

Orijin Bees is a next-generation toy brand on a mission to bring inclusion to the toy aisle. As a finalist for the 2022 Toy of the Year Award, Orijin Bee’s revolutionary dolls are making waves. The brand was even featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things and nominated for a Mom’s Choice Award.


After launching their best-selling Orijin Bees dolls, the brand is taking the next step in changing the way consumers shop for children’s toys. Their website now offers a product filter tool that is the first of its kind – allowing you to filter by curl pattern and skin tone resulting in a baby doll that is the representation you are looking to give the children in your life.


Orijin Bees has expanded their website to offer a new option. An innovative filter that allows customers to shop for dolls by curl pattern and skin tone. The brand is the first to offer this style of product filter for its website. Within just a few clicks, customers can find a doll that looks like their child.

Customers will now have the option to filter their search by choosing from several skin tones and curl patterns ranging from 3C to 4C. The function works the same way as filtering by clothing size or price. It’s designed to simplify the shopping process.


The launch of this shopping tool reflects the growing demand across the toy industry for better representation. While other shopping tools have served similar purposes, Orijin Bees is the first of it’s kind to allow product filtering by curl patterns because curly hair comes in different textures! Orijin Bees exists to allow kids to find dolls that look just like them and with this shopping tool in place, they’re making it possible to find the doll that matches your child. This shopping tool represents another step forward in Orijin Bee’s mission to revolutionize the toy industry from within.


With this focus on promoting self-worth through inclusive toys, Orijin Bees is helping parents raise a generation of children who are confident in their own skin and embracing of other cultures.

About Orijin Bees:

Orijin Bees is the brand behind the popular inclusive ‘Orijin Baby Bee’ dolls that are available in an array of skin tones and curl patterns representating features of Black and brown children. It’s ‘Get One Gift One Program’ focuses on gifting dolls to underserved children as dolls are purchased.

Explore Orijin Bees’ new shopping filter by visiting the official website here.

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