For whatever life Chux at you

I was recently sent some Chux cleaning products to help me clean up after my large family.

A cute reusable bucket full of all the tools I need to keep this super mamma ready for any of life’s spills and splotches.

My bucket contained :

  • Chux original superwipes ( No mom can be without these)
  • Chux magic eraser ( which I am in love with)
  • Chux heavy duty scourer scrub
  • Chux heavy duty scourer pad
  • And Chux non scratch scourer

I was ready, armed and waiting for my family to make a mess.

I didn’t have to wait long.

Shoryly after the box arrived, Hamish and I were painting and he decided to go and switch the light switches on with his beautifully blue painted hands. ( He also wiped these all along the wall)

Thankfully I wasn’t too stressed as I grabbed a Chux superwipe to wash it off with and cleaned the light switch with a Chux magic eraser.

I’ve become such a fan of the magic eraser ( I now look for reasons to use it) You simple activate this powerful grime and mark remover block with a little water and you can wipe down light switches, crayon or paint off walls.

It’s brilliant for removing toddler finger prints and messes.

I’ve used it on our door handles, the toilet handle ( because we always forget about that), our electronics, some of Hamish’s toys, to clean the grease and grime in my microwave and on our bathroom mirrors and tiles.

It’s chemically and detergent free and you only need to wipe gently as the super fine fibres lift and trap the dirt.

Of course when it comes to cleaning it isn’t just the messes and spils but the daily cleaning that needs to be done and I find my biggest chore daily is the Dishes….. I’m sure the pile grows on its own!

Somehow we always have a sink of dishes and with 7 of us in the house if we don’t wash up after each meal this starts to resemble a mountain of mess.

Thankfully when life throws dishes at me I can bring out my Chux cleaning supplies and tackle the job.

I normally use a heavy duty scourer scrub to take my mess as it has a soft foam layer making it gentle on my hands and dishes. I love the easy to grip, unique angles shape that helps me get that last bit of milo or cheese sauce out of the corners and hard to reach areas

This scourer also has an easy to hang feature so I can hang it at the sink for easy access. Hanging your sponge up allows it to dry faster and keeps it out of wet areas so it stays hygienic to use.

For the harder to clean dishes like the pots and pans, or to clean my oven and stove top grease and grime, I use the Heavy duty scourer pad or the non-scratch scourer scrubs.

The scourer scrubs are a combination of a gentle, non scratch scourer and a foam sponge .

This little scourer is suprisingly gentle and I cut Hanish a piece to use to wash his cars this morning after we painted with them .

Because you are never to young to learn to clean a mess like it never happened.

For more information on the Chux range contact Chux

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