Bug Bear by Patricia Hegarty

This book review is in collaboration with : The Kids Book Club

Title: Big Bear

Author: Patricia Hegarty

Illustrator: Carmen Saldana


“Down in the forest as bear has a doze, a small stripy bug came and sat on his nose….”

Poor sleepy bear finds a bothersome bug on the end of his nose.

Bear tried to ignore the bug with lots of warm fizzy fur the bug has decided to stay, much to bears annoyance.

Bear tries everything to get the bug to go away.

Wise owl hears the commotion and offers a solution.

Making sloth and bug new best friends.

I read this adorable story to Hamish who loved the cute animal illustrations and laughed each time bug annoyed bear.

We spoke about how to act when things annoy us and how there is a best friend for everyone …even the people who bug you.

A sweet tale that we will refer back to often.

Disclaimer : All books are sponsored unless stated and the opinions expressed within the review are my own.

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