We made Rawsome Dinosaur cupcakes with Annie’s Baking club

Last week we recieved a very special package from Annie’s Baking Club by Tessa’s Bakery … our very own dinosaur cupcake kit.

Hamish was so excited I hardly got a photo before he wanted to open it and start baking.

What is inside the kit ?

Inside the sturdy, reusable and adorably decorated box is all the items you will need to make your cupcakes.

You only need to add eggs, oil, milk and butter to complete your rawsome cupcakes

The kit contains:

  • Baking mix
  • Icing mix
  • Cupcake holders
  • Cupcake liners with dinosaur bodies printed on
  • Green sugar paste
  • Gel colour
  • Smarties and Dragees to make spikes and eyes
  • Toothpicks
  • Piping bag
  • A recipe booklet

The recipe booklet

I fell in love with the little booklet as it’s colorful and easy to read. An older child could follow these instructions without assistance.

The best part for me was the page that allowed Hamish to “read” what was needed and tick it off once he had found it.

Baking the cake

I have to confess that there are days I could burn water so anything that is prepacked is honestly my first choice.

As we followed the instructions it soon became apparent that I couldn’t flop this reciepe, even with Hamish taste testing along the way.

I allowed him to do most of the work fron mixing to scooping in the uneven amounts into the cupcake holders.

I remember baking alongside my own grandmother and the best moments were the ones where I believed I had done all the baking by myself.

So, I try to remember that when Hamish is in the kitchen.

Learning through baking

Of course being in the kitchen is just as much fun as playing and there’s always an opportunity for some learning.

  • We practiced our vocabulary by naming the ingredients.
  • Counted out cupcake holders, sweets and eggs
  • Developed our fine motor muscles by pouring, stiring and scooping the ingredients. Also pinching, rolling and moulding the sugar paste.
  • Started to understand easy fractions as we used a whole egg and scooped to just half way of the cup cake holder
  • Practised sorting colours for spines of each dinosaur
  • Read the items needed
  • Matched real items to their drawn image
  • Learnt what tools to use to cook with
  • Practiced the lifeskills of cleaning up after ourselves

Making T-rific dinosaurs

I’d seen the gorgeous Instagram images of the dinosaur cupcakes and really worried mine would look nothing like those.

Thankfully, the instructions were easy to follow and Hamish and I took our sugar paste and pretended we were using playdough and made our dinosaur heads and tails.

Icing the cupcakes

We added some gel paste to the icing mix and iced our cupcakes using the piping bag supplied, as in the pictures.

Hamish helped me to tape on each wrapper that big brother Byron had cut out for us and I then let him make up each cupcake by sticking in a head and tail and adding spikes from smarties.

He was delighted

Of course the test is always in the tasting …..

And these are Dino-licious.

I love the presentation of this kit. It would make an amazing gift, perfect for school Baker day, holiday activities and it’s ideal for kids DIY cupcake parties as it makes 12 cupcakes.

There are several in the series and this kit retails at R195

You can find out more at https://anniesbakingclub.co.za/baking-kits/

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