GLAD for our fur friends

We all love our fur and feather FRIENDS!

They bring joy to our lives and love us unconditionally. But as with all PETS we can always use some handy helpers to keep things clean, fresh and hygienic. GLAD loves pets too!

GLAD products have a million uses, including some for our pets and here are just a few:

  • Carry doggie treats in a GLAD Sandwich Bag when going on a walk or hike. And when your pooch does his/her business, be a good citizen and pick up after them. Simply put your hand in the empty bag, pick it up and turn inside out. Sealed for the bin!
  • Leftover meat can be wrapped in GLAD Cling Wrap, refrigerated, and used for your PET’S meals. Meat bones can also be saved for treats.
  • Leftover sauces and gravy can be frozen in GLAD Ice Cube Bags and defrosted as needed to add to your pet’s pellets. Great if you are going away and leaving them with a sitter.
  • GLAD Swingbin Bags have a Eucalyptus scent for a clean, fresh smell to help control odours. Plus, the drawstrings make handling easy and hygienic when picking up messes around the garden.
  • Pets like fresh food too. Keep pet food fresh and portioned with GLAD Zip Seal Bags.
  • Keep kitty litter odour-free with GLAD ForceFlex Bags. Simply slot the tray inside the bag and fill with litter. To dispose of the used litter just pull the top of the bag backwards, enclosing the litter, and tie shut.
  • OR Line your cat’s litter box with GLAD Press’n Seal it makes cleaning so much easier and keeps the litter box cleaner while reducing odour.
  • FIRST Line the bottom of bird cages with GLAD Press’n Seal and then add the shredded paper – it’s easier for cleaning as you simply grab the corners and clean it up easily.
  • If you can’t find your lint brush simply pull out some GLAD Press’n Seal and press on your clothes or couch to remove lint and animal hair.
  • GLAD allows us to enjoy and spoil our pets, while keeping things hygienically fresh. Thank you GLAD!

Please visit for more information and follow ‘GLAD SOUTH AFRICA’ on Facebook; Available in the GLAD aisle of most supermarkets