Hamish is a Wild kids book ambassador

A few months ago on the hunt to find the perfect reading books for Hamish I discovered the amazing Wild kid’s books written by Kayleigh Huysamen.

One look at her books and  I knew they were perfectly written for little wild children who loved nature like Hamish.
I immediately bought a set and since then, Kayleigh has published 2 new books and today Hamiish very proudly announced that he is a brand ambassador for Wild kids books.

About Wild kids books

Kayleigh is a farmer’s wife and homeschool mom to 3 adorable children who feature in her stories. They live in Zululand, Kzn, and run a sugarcane and game farm reserve.
Kayleigh writes with an obvious love of nature and it’s no surprise to discover that she studied pathology and microbiology. Her teaching experience comes across in her books as each book is both informative and broken down to a child’s level of understanding.
All the books center around the fun her family experiences on their farm and teach children about conservation,  Wildlife, birding, plants, and farm life.
Each book is written with the following goals :
  • To make reading fun through relatable adventures
  • To inspire a passion for wildlife and natural spaces
  • To encourage children to be outside and to explore the outdoors
  • To educate children about wildlife, nature and conservation.

Book series

You can currently purchase the following books and series from Wild kids books
Sophia’s Safari series 1
These books are all about wildlife, nature, and conservation. You will join Sophia as she travels with her family in the African bush in search of interesting places and animals.
Sophia’s Safari series 2
These books focus on teaching your child ways to contribute to saving endangered species, and about South African wildlife, conservation, and nature.
Sophia’s Safari bush field guide for wild kids
This beautiful book is filled with checklists and information for your child to learn and dis over. With a place to store and record memories of their trip, this book is a wonderful keepsake journal.
Adventures with Asher series 
An educational reading series aimed at children in Grades 1 & 2. You will join Asher as he discovers the joy in his daily farming adventures. Designed to focus on the fundamental skills of reading and phonics.

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