Hamish meets Peppa Pig on Expresso morning show

I was super excited when I got a message asking if Hamish would love to meet his cartoon hero Peppa Pig on The Expresso morning show.

He was so comfortable on the show the first time that I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

( Read about his first visit here)

Then we were asked to bring some friends with. This experience just got better.

Now, Hamish could share his once in a lifetime experience with some of his favourite people.

I quickly found some eager Peppa pig fans and we counted down the hours until everyone met Peppa pig and famly.

Early start

That morning we woke at 4am to get ready for the drive to the SABC studios.

We needed to be there by 6am and naturally we were running late.

My friend Jacky dropped her daughter Amelia at us and another friend Vanessa met up with us so we could drive in convoy.

Our adventure had begun

The drive

There was a lot of early energy in the back seat of our car as Hamish and Amelia excitedly chatted away about what they thought was going to happen, the characters and a gazillion other questions that I was way under caffinated to answer.

Before long we found ourselves just as excited as the kids and were educated all about George and his toy dinosaur.

At the studio

We arrived and were warmly welcomed by Entle.

After seeing we were comfortable, she briefed us on the time the kids would be going live and arranged coffee.

Anyone who gets me coffee before 6am is my hero.

Amelia and Hamish sat quietly playing noughts and crosses with Issy and Ciara as they waited for their other friends to arrive.

Before long our friends Nadine and Simone arrived with their excited children.

The studio filled with the sounds of early morning chatter …. all about Peppa Pig.

Peppa on the big screen

As moms we were doing last minute wardrobe checks, trying to feed breakfast and keep this lively bunch entertained.

And then Peppa appeared on TV and a united hush fell in the room as 10 excitedly loud children fell silent and all eyes focused on the large pink pig and her friends on the screen.

We are live

Quickly the kids were ushered in, to met Peppa and Daddy pig.

Finally their great moment had come and they rushed forward to hug their favourite pigs.

Hamish stood back a little hesitantly and after the fastest hug in history he hurried back to me as I sat off screen and told me Peppa is scary.

A later conversation revealed that on TV Peppa is small and she’s very big in real life.

The kids were called back for a second chance to hug Peppa and Daddy pig but Hamish wasn’t having any part in this, he decided it was safer to hug Katlego Maboe rather.

(You can watch the full clip here )

Back to the waiting room

After meeting Peppa pig the kids were taken back to the waiting area to process their experience and wait for the show.

Brent took some time to explain to Hamish that Peppa pig is just a puppet and offered him his cross to wear to to help him not to be scared.

Amelia held his hand and offered to stay with him. After all that is what friends are for.

A little show

And then the kids were called back and they sat quietly, waiting for the next part of the show .

Hamish was a lot more comfortable wih watching the show and he really enjoyed it as several days later I still hear him singing

muddy puddles …splish splash … splish splash

(You can watch the clip here)

The Peppa pig cast are amazing.

They are interactive and their energy is contagious.It cant be easy dancing and moving in those costumes.

Final hugs

All too soon the magic ended and the kids were given last chances to hug the pigs.

As moms we were allowed to get some selfies with the cast for our scrapbooks to record this special day.

Expresso stars

Hamish is clearly more comfortable with people than he is with dancing pigs, and was quite happy to chat away to Graeme Richards and even greeted hm with a huge hug.

And he recognized Leeanne Williams and rushed in to say hello.

Going home

The drive home was much quieter as the two kids sat yawning in the backseat, trying not to fall asleep .

It was a big adventure for little ones.

An adventure that made their childhood dreams come true …….

They met Peppa Pig.

Thank you SABC and the PEPPA PIG cast.

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