Hamish and friends on the Expresso show with Meg Faure and Lara Schoenfeld

On Thursday Hamish was invited to the Expresso studios to be part of a group of adorable toddler’s who would feature on the Morning shows segment with Meg Faure and Lara Schoenfeld from Playsense as they discussed music and toddlers and introduced their new cd Dinosaurstomp.

We woke at 5am to be at the studio for 7.30am. I’m still trying to process the 45 minute drive with a half asleep toddler in the back as he sipped on his tea and kept telling me it was dark outside.

The Expresso staff are amazing. So warm and welcoming

The toddlers arrived and Hamish was in his element, now dressed as a fireman. We have a huge box of dress up clothing at home so for him dress up always means fun.

The adorable stars were each dressed up as a variety of characters to represent the imaginative songs on the cd.

There was a fireman, dinosaur, princess, tiger and Spiderman.

So much of excitement as they waited the hour to go live. Their parents were equally as excited 😋

Thankfully we were kept in a comfortable waiting area where the kids could be as loud as they needed, have a snack breakfast and play.

Meg Faure popped by to greet the kiddies and took the time to sit on the floor with them and play the fireman song.

And then, they were called into the studio.

Hamish was immediately impressed with Thabiso Makhubela and ran up to him to give him a spontaneous hug.

This amazing man hugged straight back, put down his tablet and greeted each child at their level.

And before we had time to take it all in it was time for action as the children found their way infront of the cameras and Lara Schoenfeld led them into the fireman song.

They were just the cutest group of toddler stars.

After their singing and dancing, Hamish decided to follow Lara onto the couch and finished the segment near her.

Then it was over and time for us all to grab a few photos before heading back to the real world.

Hamish was by now catching up with the gorgeous Leigh-Anne Williams about all things fireman, as she helped him put his walkie talkie onto his fireman suit.

He had so much fun with all his new friends that he honestly didn’t want to leave the studio 😂

Thank you Expresso for such a fun, child friendly experience.

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