Mountains … A letter to my younger self

Day 16 of the #blogbosswinterblogchallenge called me to write a letter to my younger self.

As the mom of teens and young adults now I think one of the first lessons I would want myself to know at that age is that life comes with hurdles.

There will always be a mountain Infront of you. This could be an obstacle in your life, career or relationship. It’s how you climb that mountain that counts.

Lifes mountains

( First shared on Sparkarella in 2016)

We all come to the mountains in our life and stare up in wonder and trepidation.
How malviolently looming those mountains seem to our inexperience.

Many of us, choose to turn back on the path we came, never to summit the overbearing mountain before us. Too afraid to attempt to discover what’s on the other side.

Others have no choice but to climb as the mountain looms as an obtrusive obstacle in their path to a desired destination.

They struggle with each agonizing step, left breathless and exhausted by the height and magnitude of the mountain.

Most reach the top but many are lost amid the cracks and crevices.

But some, view the mountain ahead and instinctively, whip out the hiking boots , grab the compass and navigate the best route over the mountains path. They mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for the hurdle and endure the climb step by step.

And so it is with the problems we face in our daily lives . There are so many ways for us to approach and handle them.

We can ignore them, in our fear, knowing they don’t go away and never discovering our own strength or the joyful reward once the problem has diminished.

We can struggle through them begrudgingly , negative and feeling sorry for ourselves , leaving us emotionally and mentally drained. Having lost a part of our souls in an issue that is long past.

Or we can choose to acknowledge the problem and deal with it the best we can, positively and confident that this too shall pass.

I choose to climb my mountains victoriously …. What do you choose?

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