5 things I can’t live without

Day 14 of the #blogbosswinterblohchallenge is 5 things I can not live without

In no particular order ….

1. My family

They drive me insane. Make me grey and often leave me wondering when exactly my sanity left me but I could not live without my family.

Family is not an important thing , it is THE most important thing.

2. My phone

Yes, I’m a phone addict. I work from my phone and it has become everything from my clock and diary to a means of an income as I even write my blogs on my phone.

3. Creativity

I think the world would be a very sad place without creativity and I would be lost without the ability to express my creative self.

4. Coffee

Mom fuel, life line and the reason I can work until 3am and then function the next day.

5. Photos

Photos capture a moment and let you relive it. What would we do, how many memories would we forget without photos?

What 5 things can’t you live without?

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