Hassle Free Shein orders from Elegant Fashionista

I just got my first Shein haul and I may be addicted!

To order or not to order – that is the question !

I ordered a few items through the wonderfully attentive Saadia from Elegant fashionista.

Saadia has started a small business that allows you to shop with ease, whilst she takes care of all the nitty gritty items – like shipping,and at the same time not adding a mark up onto the clothing.

I must admit I have always been reluctant to order from Shein due to the fear of paying my hard earned money out only to discover a shocking custom fee when collecting…so, I was more than happy to use a service where I knew there were no hidden costs and my items would arrive at my door.

My Shein order

My order, from placing my request to delivery to my door, took 19 days and I was kept informed about the status of my order the entire time.

Delivery isĀ  estimated at an average timing of 2- 3 weeks, however it’s worth noting that during holiday seasons, you may need to wait a little longer.

Ordering through Elegant Fashionista is really simple, I browsed the Shein website and sent the item link with my size or colour preference to Saadia.

I was impressed that I was informed immediately if an item was out of stock and able to change my order over whatsapp.

Best of all my order cost the exact amount I chose to spend- no mark ups! This allowed me to shop in the budget I had of R500.

Postage costs R200, which may seem excessive as local delivery is less, however taking into consideration that I didn’t have to stress about import fees, customs,shipping charges, or any other hidden costs – which is why I’ve never actually ordered from Shein before – I find this price reasonable for the service.

The product quality from Shein

The products are good quality, fit to size and look exactly as they did in the website.

People advise to buy a size larger than what you wear, I however wear a large or extra large and the sizing fitted perfectly. Bearing in mind I did chose mostly loose fit, flowing items. I might choose a larger size though if the item is a close or tight fit.

The Pjamas that I ordered for Hamish are a Size 8 and they fit the same as a 8-9 that I’m buying in store.

I didn’t order shoes so Im not sure about the sizing for shoes but I did notice on several of the items, that Shein have a sizing chart allowing you to measure yourself and find the correct size.

What I ordered and what I got from Shein

For R500 I got a pretty pink summer dress, 2 floral blouses, a little watch for Hamish and a pair of kids Christmas Pjamas. What a bargain!

My items were the exact replicas of what I ordered. There were no surprises!

On top of the amazing, friendly and attentive service I also received a little thank you gift from Saadia added in. This was such a lovely little spoil that speaks volumes for the kind of service she offers her clients.

I’m certainly going to place my next order with Elegant Fashionista and can’t wait to look good on a budget in the Summer season.



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