Visit The Company Gardens in Cape Town for free

The Company Gardens in Cape Town is an outing we do often. Not only is it a great way to get out into nature, it’s Free to visit and offers so much for families to do whilst there.

History of The Company Gardens

Situated in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, the 3.2 hectre, Company Garden is home to a rose garden, herb garden, bird aviary , restaurant and fish ponds and was proclaimed a national monument in 1962.

Originally started by the Dutch East Indian Company in the late 17th Century as a refreshment station to supply fruit and vegetables to ships traveling from the Europe to the East Indies. Thus the name The Company Gardens.

Things to do at The Company Gardens

  • Take a stroll and enjoy the very first garden in Cape Town. Remember to stop at the Rose maze, herb and vegetable garden and enjoy the succulents as well.
  • Feed the birds and squirrels.
  • Look out for the giant koi in the ponds and walk through the aviary.
  • Bird watch – There are several different species of bird that visit the park.
  • Brush up on your flora knowledge as you stroll through the park.
  • Picnic on the lawns
  • Take a ball and let the kids kick it around or let them enjoy the play area which consists of giant weaver nests and wooden insects.
  • Enjoy the talent of the many buskers and artists who frequent the park.
  • Take in a bit of history as you admire the many statues, canons and fountains throughout the gardens.

Things to take note of at The Company Gardens

  • The park is wheelchair and pram friendly, with wide paths.
  • Parking is on the street and you will be billed by parking monitors. They accept card payments.
  • It is accessible by public transport
  • You can take your own food and drinks. There is ample picnic space.
  • There is a coffee shop which sells food and drinks.
  • The park has several water fountains to drink from and the water is safe to drink.
  • Public toilets are at the coffee shop.
  • Vendors sell bird seed and nuts for you to feed the birds and squirrels, so carry change on you. These start at R5 a bag.
  • The park is dog friendly but please keep your dog on a leash to not scare the critters.

Things to do nearby the Company Gardens

  • Visit Iziko South African Museum ,Planeterium, Cape Town holocaust centre, The Slave museum,  and the South African National Gallery.
  • You can also visit The Groote Kerk and St Georges cathedral- the people’s church where Desmond Tutu first used the term ” Rainbow Nation” to describe our beautifully diverse country. There is also a Synagogue next to the Haulocaust museum.
  • Walk up Government avenue and see our House of Parliament and the Tuynhuis, where our president visits for state occasions. This house was build in the 1700s.
  • Join a FREE walking tour to learn more about the history of the Cape. These tours work on a tip basis .

Adress : The Company Gardens

Price: Free



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