Hello there …remember me ?

Today I took a me day.

In almost 3 years I’ve not done anything alone and the suffocation was beginning to strangle me.

As an extrovert I absolutely love being surrounded by people. I thrive on the chaos of people in and out my home, of organised events and groups of friends or family.

As a creative I crave time alone. Time with my thoughts to process the world around Me, to design new ideas, to develop stories and to calm my often far to active mind.

So, Today I took a me day.

Nothing fancy…

Just a few hours between morning emails and an interview to do absolutely nothing!

By nothing of course I don’t really mean nothing. What I actually mean was a few moments to just stop and enjoy my own company.

First up I had some time to kill so I popped in at West coast village, which I always intend to go and browse at but never get there.

Here I smelt the fresh flowers at Woolworths,even though the security guard gave me a quizzical look.

I found an amazing book shop and wasn’t rushed to hurry by an impatient husband or a bored teen. I could read the titles of the books without straining my head every three seconds to check my toddler hadn’t wondered off.

I then headed to a small coffee shop to grab a cup of hot coffee.

Hot black coffee.

Hot black coffee that wasn’t cast aside because the toddler needed a snack or the teens couldn’t find their earphones. A hot black cup of coffee that wasn’t interrupted by my husband unable to fetch something from downstairs or the door bell ringing.

Just a hot cup of coffee that invitingly offered me the luxury of sipping it at my leisure. This was heaven.

Even the biscuit was an adorable heart shape.

I chose to sit outside and let the cool air flood over me as I called a few friends and caught up. It’s been a while since I had time to chat and geuinly ask how they are. It’s been a few months of quickly catching up their lives on social media, of hurried texts and quick hello’s.

It wasn’t much. A few hours but my soul feels recharged. I feel like I’m once again ready to face the challenges and demands of my busy lifestyle.

As I was traveling back by bus I looked at a picture to post and realised that I loved each photo I’d taken today.

My eyes were happy and I’d lost that look of sadness I’d been seeing the last few months.

For the first time in a few stressful months I recognised the women looking back at me …and I like her !

Mom’s time out time is no longer negotiable!

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