How Much Do Good American Models Get Paid?

How Much Do Good American Models

Get Paid?

What it Takes to Become a Good American Model and an Exclusive Look at the Background of the Brand

Good American is an inclusive fashion brand destined to make each unique individual feel confident in their own skin. Main Image Courtesy of NGM Modeling.

What is Good American?

Khloé Kardashian first collaborated with Emma Grede for the launch of the Good American brand in 2016. The denim jean line made its debut with a million dollars in sales on jeans its first day, and eventually went on to launch a variety of other products we know of today.

The Good American Company is a certified B Corporation, which is an international standard for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices. To be certified, a company must meet rigorous requirements that include having clear communication about its
goals and procedures, as well as being held accountable for its social and environmental impact.

Compared to other manufacturing methods, the use of chemicals and water in the production of denim has a significant impact on the environment. The Good American Company’s collectionsconsider the impact of their products on the planet, and only utilize sustainable materials suchas recycled cotton and organic cotton.

What Stores Carry Good American Jeans?

If you are a fan of Good American jeans and want to try them out in person, then you have several options to choose from such as Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Shopbop. You may prefer to place an order over the internet, but you can still find them at a variety of these authorized retailers in person

How Does Good American Sizing Work?

Anything bought from Good American might easily become some of the most stretchiest clothes you’ll ever own, and they won’t loosen up even if you wear them several times. Good American
has the best fit jeans for sizes 00 to 24, but there are a few things to consider before buying them. If you’re looking for the ideal fit jeans, they have the best selection of styles including the
skinny, boyfriend, and straight.
Aside from the ideal fit, Good American also has a variety of styles that will fit your body in different ways. If you have a beautiful leg, you can choose the ideal fit jeans from their selection.

On the other hand, if you’re after something that fits your curves or waist, you can look through their guide. Since Good American jeans are made to run true to size, it’s important to choose
the size that you usually wear. They also have a size guide that will help you find the right fit.

Best Good American Styles

Good American Skinny Jeans
You can easily style your Good American skinny jeans any way you want, which include a wide variety of styles like distressed, cropped, and body hugging. These are all ideal for showing off
those sexy curves!
These skinny jeans are best styled with heels or sneakers, and can also be paired with a form-fitting top or a loose t-shirt for a more laid-back look.

Find some great sales when you shop for Good American on Nordstrom today!

Find some great sales when you shop for Good American on Nordstrom today!

Good American Relaxed Jeans
These relaxed jeans are the ideal choice for those who want something a little more casual,along with some additional comfort. They’re great for running errands when you feel like getting
a little bit dolled up!
If you prefer to wear clothes that are not overly skin-tight in general, then these Good American relaxed jeans are the perfect choice. They are made from a soft and stretchy material that will
keep you feeling great all day.
These jeans are very versatile, because they can be dressed up or down depending on your preference. You can easily mix and match these with other items of clothing for a variety of

Throwback your style when you rock these 90s inspired relaxed jeans. Image Courtesy of Good American’s website.


Good American Bootcut/Flared Jeans

A pair of flare or bootcut jeans from Good American will help you feel your best while still being trendy. Most women have at least one pair of good boots, and Good American’s flare or bootcut jeans are the ideal combination if you want a vintage look, followed by a long leg length and flat-tummy fit.

Although flare or bootcut jeans can be styled in various ways, they look best with heels, tank tops, and even crop tops.

Shop on Shopbop to find just about every jean style by Good American! Image Courtesy of Shopbop where you can shop these bootcut jeans among a plethora of other styles.


Good American Model Casting

Interested in a potential modeling gig with the brand? Good American typically seeks models ages 18 and above living in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, or the UK. Those who are interested in becoming a part of the brand do not be professional models or be managed by a modeling firm. The agency is always looking for people who are still in their early stages of modeling and want to pursue their dream of being a professional model.

Since Good American is an inclusive organization, there is no specific requirement when it comes to the height and weight of the models. Bodies of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to apply online during open casting calls!

How Much Do Good American Models Get Paid?

While there is not a certain amount available regarding the salary of a Good American model, there are many perks that come with the job itself to say the least. Apart from an amazing experience, aspiring models who work for Good American get the chance of being mentored by industry professionals, taking part in movement sessions with some of the industry’s top models, and working with Los Angeles professionals during photo shoots.

Tips To Improve Your Modeling

Instead of seeking out the seasoned professionals like many other competitors, Good American
is always looking for people who are just starting out yet determined to make it far in the industry. Even though physical characteristics are not emphasized at Good America, inner self confidence is key! To help improve some aspects of your modeling, check out a couple tips.

Practice in Front of Camera/Mirror
One of the first ways to get settled into yourself as a model is by practicing in front of a camera or mirror. The models in the most stunning photos were not just sitting in front of a camera being
told what to do, but they worked with the photographer to create the finished product. A model’s artistic intuition, facial expressions, and posing skills can help create the vision of the photographer. Having the right skills when it comes to posing is very important for any model,
and the photographer will be able to incorporate other aspects such as lighting and framing to truly bring the picture to life. It’s important to improve your skills in order to be the best model you can be, and If you’re not confident in your ability to pose, it will be much harder for you to
get a great shot.


Develop Your Portfolio
In order to evolve into a successful professional, a model must have a well-rounded portfolio,which includes having a variety of high-quality images that will show off their strong points.
Clients and agencies will look closely at a model’s portfolio, so it’s important to make a good impression right off the bat. Having a well-rounded portfolio can also help a model build a strong following, and get them the exposure they need to improve their chances of being successful in the industry.

Your modeling portfolio should show off your versatility and have a distinct template. Image Courtesy of Portfoliobox.


Social Media Following

If you are a fashion model who is looking to get a modeling representation contract, then it is likely that you have already started to search for a reputable agency. Before you start working with a modeling agency, it’s a good rule of thumb to establish a good social media following before hand.

Having a good social media following is becoming one of the biggest factors agencies are now taking into consideration, as online audiences can be impacted from advertisements that models may do.

Having a sizable following is not the only prerequisite for being a fashion model, however, it still

continues to be an important attribute. It is also important to have a clear idea on how it’s best to use your various social media strategies.

Keep an Eye Out for Future Castings

Good American just had a recent casting, and you can check out some of their new models here! Make sure to keep an eye out for any potential future castings through the rest of this year.

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