How to Add a little Easter magic to your photos with the Easter bunny

Hamish discovered that the Easter bunny was in fact invisible and hiding around our house today looking for just the right spot to hide Easter eggs for tomorrow’s egg hunt.

As you can see, we’ve added an Easter bunny into the photo next to Hamish.

How did we do that?

Very easily, let me tell you how.

Capture the magic

You can add some Easter bunny magic to your Easter hunt in a few minutes when you download the APP – Capture the magic from your phone.

This App allows you to either take a photo of a room of your home or your child or add one from your phone gallery.

You then add stickers of objects or text into the photo and adjust to size and position.

Several of the sticker sets need to be purchased but there is however a large selection of free options.

I just used a free set of Easter stickers and found this Easter bunny to add to our photos.

Once your photos have been taken and you’ve added a sticker you download the image to your phone or share it directly to your social media networks.

Add the magic

For Hamish this APP allows us to add a little magic and I took several photos and showed him the Easter bunny next to him.

He was so impressed he went to bed early as the Easter bunny was waiting for him to sleep so that he could come hide eggs.

And finally I took a photo if the bunny next to the places we hid his eggs and near him sleeping as proof that the bunny was here.

A little magic goes a long way when you are 4 years old.

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