How to be a mom boss babe and build your empire

As a mom at home, I have tried many different ways to earn an income and supplement our household budget,whilst staying at home to be a full time mother and for many years a homeschooling mom.

Work from home

There are so many great options out there for moms wanting to do this :

  • Direct selling– direct selling offers you the option to work as a sales agent and sell the products from their catalogues to your families or friends whilst earning a commission on each sale. They often provide training, on going support, incentives, a start up kit and monthly catalogues. Some of the direct sale’s companies I’ve worked with over the years have been Dk books; Justine cosmetics; Avon cosmetics; Tupperware, Smile educational toys and Acorn kids products.
  • Drop shipping – drop shipping is the process of selling products for a company on your own online shop without holding stock. You earn commission and the company ship the product to your customer after they recieve your payment.
  • Buy and sell– the internet has made it incredibly easy for moms to start online shops and you can use your knowledge and passions to buy products and resell at a higher price.
  • Crafting – so many moms are talented and as we grow in motherhood so we learn new skills. Those gloves you knit or those tracksuits you make, you can sell. The cards you make or the biscuits you bake can all be sold at craft markets, online or on stores like etsy or Shopify.
  • Offer a service– are you a teacher, counselor, dog walker or gardener? Offering your services as a small business can also become an entrepreneurial business. You could do this via online lessons, classes and workshops.
  • Blogging or Influencing – bloggers and influencers are paid by brands to work with them, once you as a blogger or influencer have built up a solid reputation for yourself. As a blogger you can also sell advertising on your blog and work with affiliates to earn a passive income.

It’s a business

One of the first mistakes moms make is to call their entrepreneur efforts just a hobby or a little side line.

The first steps in business are to believe in yourself and your product.

So you need to change your mind frame to thinking like a boss babe who is building her empire.

Develop a boss babe mind frame

To do this…

  • Start by referring to your business as a company.
  • Invest the right amount of time each day to make it a success.
  • If you are not working through a registered company, register yourself as a company.
  • Open a business bank account to keep transactions separate from your household and personal accounts.
  • Get advise and knowledge on personal tax, business and sales tax, vat and tax nexus.

A tax nexus, for those new to the term, is a connection between taxing jurisdictions and a business that collects or pays tax.

Knowing your tax responsibilities as an individual and as a business, early can save you months of audits and fines later on.

  • Design a website and have social media accounts for your business.
  • Always carry business cards.
  • Market your business everywhere and watch the trends in your niche to make sure you are both following them and are ahead of them.
  • Network


There are many ways for moms to earn an income staying at home and even more to become an entrepreneur but it is vital to know your rights and responsibilities as a tax payer before launching your business.