How to clean your babies cot

From the moment you bring home your precious little one you would have their crib or cot beautifully decorated.

Your baby will spend more hours in a cot than anywhere else over the next couple months.

As much as you ensure all items are clean are you sure that you are cleaning your baby’s cot thoroughly?

If dust, dirt and microscopic bacteria are left undisturbed in the mattress, they can be particularly harmful to your baby.

So how do you clean baby’s cot thoroughly?

To ensure a deep clean, first vacuum both sides of the cot mattress, paying special attention to the seams and stitch-overs.

After reading the instructions on the label, hand wash the mattress in either hot or cold water using a baby detergent that will not irritate baby’s skin.

I personally like to use a baby washing powder.

Next wipe down the mattress to remove any detergent residue and apply a disinfectant spray to the mattress. This will prevent the formation of mould and bacteria on the matress and at the same time protect your baby against dust mites and allergies.

Dry the mattress with a towel and then leave it in a well-ventilated sunny area to dry out completely.

In the meantime, vacume the base of your cot and wipe the whole cot down with a disinfectant spray.

Once the mattress is completely dry place back into the cot.

Make up the bed with soft, clean bedding for a happy clean sleep space for baby.

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