World Ocean Day

Today is World Ocean Day.

A day for us to sit up and appreciate the beauty and abundance of the oceans. (Although we should be doing this daily)

It’s also a day for us to acknowledge the very real damage that human pollution has inflicted upon our oceans.

Do you know that it’s reported that by 2050 there will be more trash and pollution in the oceans than fish.

So what can you do to try and prevent this ?

1. Join a beach clean up

Join a local beach clean up and spend some time picking up litter. If you don’t have a clean up crew you start one.

2. Lead by example

The future belongs to our children so as parents we need to set the example by showing them how to look after and respect their natural resources.

3. Stick to the magic 3 rule

Whenever you are out in nature pick up at least 3 items of trash and place them in a bin. Whilst you can’t clean the whole beach you can start somewhere.

4. Educate

Educate your children on the dangers of pollution both to the ocean and sea creatures.

5. Check your fish

Only eat fish thst are on the SASSI sustainable list. These fish are not over fished and there are sufficient in the ocean.

6. Cut back on plastic

Whilst plastic is cheap and easy to produce if consumers stop buying plastic items, choosing natural products instead, then plastic production will drop.

7. Use reusable products

Try to use as many reusable products as you can. Stop plastic shopping bags for material carriers, swop the takeaway containers by supplying your own and stop bottled water for a reusable water bottle to refill.

8. Ditch the straw

With so many alternatives to plastic there’s no reason to not refuse a plastic straw.

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