Weather chart

This easy to make weather chart can be made in a few minutes.

You will need:

1 paper plate

Coloured card

Glue scissors

1 split pin

White paper

Marker or printed lables for :-sunny, raining, windy & cloudy.

To make your chart:-

🐾Cut from coloured card the following symbols :

Sunny – sun

Rainy- rain drops

Cloudy -cloud

Windy -kite

🐾Divide the paper plate into 4 by placing two thin strips of card horizontally and vertically to form a cross.

🐾Glue the shapes on.

🐾From white paper make your labels and glue on.

🐾cut an arrow and attach to the centre of the plate with the split pin.

Encourage your children to use these in the mornings to record the weather.

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