How to make a salami flower bouquet for fathers day

A few years ago I shared how I’d made a very delicious biltong cake for Brent to celebrate Father’s day.

This year I thought I’d try my hand at making a salami flower bouquet, as I’m sure these are some flowers many dads will enjoy.

To make your own you will need:

* salami slices

* salami or cabanosi sticks

* a floral cookie cutter


For each flower you need 2 pieces of salami and 1 salami stick.

I used cabanosi sticks as flower stems and cut salami slices into flower shapes.

Next I made small holes in the centre if each flower and stick a stem through , gently bending it at the top to hold the flower.

I personally think that they look really cute and tied with a ribbon, would make a wonderful gift for Fathers day.

I found the salami slices to be too thin, so would use thicker salami slices or layer more than 2 slices per flower.

@ Kommetjie, Western Cape, South Africa

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