Glimmer body art – adding a little glitter along the way

Glimmer body art sent Hamish the most amazing kit to try out and we’ve been having a world of fun adding new tattoos onto anyone who would sit still long enough to let us.

The kit

This super stylish kit, packed into a handy cosmetic bag, is fabulous for birthday parties, fun days and any day that needs a little glitter.

Dermalogically tested and safe on little ones skin the kit consists of :

* 15 x stencils in either boy or girl designs

*6 body glitters

* 1 body glue

* 2 pc brush set

You can also purchase glitters, glues,brushes and stencils separately.

I was happy to hear that although you can purchase from a selection of 30 glitters from Glimmer Body Art, you also have the option to choose from a smaller selection of biodegradable glitters.


The tattoos are increadibly easy to apply and are designed to be waterproof and last up to 7 days.

Having said this you can remove the tattoo quickly with an alcohol swab or with soap and warm water.

To apply your tattoo

1. Wipe the area so that it is dry.

2. Remove the vinylsticker from the backing plastic and apply it to the skin.

3. Any glue

4. Dust glitter on, using the brush. Wipe away any excess glitter.

5. Leave for a few seconds.

6. Remove the vinyl sticker gently leaving behind a shiny tattoo.

Hamish and I had a great amount of fun mixing colours and the butterflies I applied were mistaken by one of my older sons as a real tattoo, which had us all laughing.

To order your own kit or find our more contact


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