Ucook – making meal time easy and a discount code for my readers

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Ucook meal boxes.

So, when we were asked to become ambassadors for them I was delighted to represent a brand I absolutely love.

This also came at the absolutely best time.

We are currently packing up our home in Kommetjie to move back to Tableview and between boxes, traveling 106km a day to view houses and still trying to fit in the demands of work, wife, mom life …..Ucook is an absolute blessing.

Now, I simply pop online on a Wednesday to order for the following week and pick the meals we want to eat. Then wait for my delivery on a Monday.

Ucook allows you to choose how many servings per meal, your meals and how many times you want the meal delivered.

Taking away the need for thinking up a weekly meal plan, shopping and creativly feeding a fussy household.

Best of all ….my family love the meals, are totally enjoying a change in diet and Hamish is super eager to jump in and help me cook.

About Ucook

Ucook, was started in 2014, by two friends wanting to help people find a more convenient way to make supper.

Within two short years,Ucook stood out as a subscription meal box unlike any other.

Not only can you choose from a menu of 12 meal kits a week but Ucook also offer craft meals, baby meals and wines to pair with each meal.

Best of all you can cancel at any time, allowing you to use these fantastic services at your convenience.

Easy to order

Ucook is really easy to order. Simply sign up online, choose your meals, add them to your cart, pay and wait for your delivery.

Ucook are offering all my readers a 30% discount if they use the discount code #JUDY30

How does your kit arrive?

Your Ucook meal kit arrives in a box that is lined with polystyrene, keeping the ingredients fresh.

These boxes are also recycled by Ucook and you can hand it back the following week to the driver.

Benefits of using Ucook

There are so many benefits to using Ucook meal kits and I hope to introduce you to them over the next few weeks.

Some of the more obvious benefits are :


*no food waste

* all meals are made from ethically and locally sourced ingredients

*a wide variety in meal choices

*suitable for the whole family

*teaches you to cook by following the recipe

*and vary your diets as you choose meals you may not normally cook.

Because each meal is designed by a chef you know that you are eating wholesome meal that meets your nutrient needs.

So, what meals are you ordering this week?

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