How to make a rainbow salad- cooking with Hamish

Hamish loves being in the kitchen and one day I’m sure he will cook his future partners one amazing meals.

This weekend while Brent had a braai going, Hamish asked if he could make the salad.

I handed him the salad ingredients and he cut, sliced, diced and tossed us the perfect rainbow salad to go with our braai.

To make Hamishs rainbow salad for yourself you will need:


* pre-packed Italian salad from Pick n pay ( or a mix of salad greens and red peppers.)

* baby tomatoes

* cucumber

* yellow peppers

To make:

Open your salad and toss the salad greens and red peppers into a larger bowl.

Drop in baby tomatoes that have been washed.

Slice cucumber and place in the bowl.

Cut up yellow peppers and add to the salad.

Toss all together.

Enjoy served with a salad dressing.

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