Self portrait supper wraps

Self portrait supper wraps

Saturday night is movie night for us and tonight for movie night supper, Hamish and I made self portrait wraps.

To decorate the face I used fruit but you could also use vegetables to allow your child to express themselves better.

How to make a self portrait wrap

To make your own :

You will need:

  • Tortillas x2 each
  • Cheese
  • Ham

To decorate we used:

  • Naartjie for hair
  • Apple slices for ears
  • Banana slices for nose and eye brows


To make I used my sandwich press and placed one wrap on the bottom.

I grated cheese onto this covering the whole base.

I added 3 pieces of ham to cover most of the wrap and placed where eyes and a mouth would go.

On the second wrap I cut out with scissors, eyes and a mouth.

I placed this on top of the first wrap and closed the press until done.

To serve I put the wrap face into a plate and we decorated it with naartjie pieces as Hamish’s hair, apple slices cut to form ears and banana slices as a nose and eyebrows.

Serve with love and enjoy 💕

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