Make a self portrait snack with Blue Ribbon bread

We all know that I play with my food…

To me, presentation is everything, especially when you are feeding young children. The prettier the plate, the more appealing it is, and the higher chance you have of your children trying new foods and finishing their meal.

Most of the time, these masterpieces on a plate, take just a few extra minutes and a dash of creativity.

They can also be as simple or as elaborate as your imagination sees fit. One of the easiest creations is a simple face and you can often get the kids on board to create their own self portrait snacks.

Which is what I did yesterday….

Hamish has always been a small eater, preferring snacks to big meals, so I have had to get creative to full that tummy.

Thankfully, I can use all his favourite toppings onto Blue Ribbon brown bread and know that he’s still getting the nutrients and goodness his body needs to grow.

Yesterday’s lunch snack was a self portrait …I think I just won the Blue Ribbon prize for best mom ever !

Self portrait snack with Blue Ribbon

How to make your own 

I often start by choosing a topping for the bread. Hamish had eaten a large, late breakfast so only needed a small snack for lunch. He asked for cheese sandwiches.

I first cut my Blue Ribbon bread into hearts using a cookie cutter. These hearts became the eyes. I placed the grated cheese on them. You can butter your bread first, however ours is plain as Hamish prefers his without butter. We then added raisins as pupils.

A banana  slice made the nose and a cut piece of vienna sausage was fashioned for the mouth. ( I always slice the excess fruit and sausages up and place them into small yogurt size containers in the fridge,  in case he is still hungry or to snack on later)

Another slice of bread was used to cut thin wedges for hair. You could add a spread to these to match your child’s hair colour. I served a small bowl of cottage cheese to dip these in.

The final touches was two chip ears. I think it came out well and Hamish is convinced it looks just like him.

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