How to make a Valentine’s day inspired wrapping paper

This is the first year that Hamish understands Valentine’s day and he wanted to get his daddy a gift

I wanted to help make the gift completely from him so I grabbed a few items and we got ready to make our own special gift wrap for this special gift.

Wrapping paper
Heart print wrapping paper

To make your own you will need:

  • White paper
  • Red paint
  • Heart cookie cutters
Things you need


Making your own wrapping paper is really eaeasy and a nice activity for younger children.

I would start by lining our work surface if I was at school, but because we were using washable finger paint, I just added an extra sheet of paper underneath.

Print making
Making prints

I placed some paint in a flat plastic plate, so that he could spread the paint enough onto the cookie cutter to be able to stamp.

Valentine’s prints

And then I let him stamp all the paper with the different sized heart cutters.

When he was done, I set it aside to dry and later today we will wrap his dad’s gift in his very special wrapping paper.

Do you encourage your preschoolers to send valentine’s day gifts?

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