Valentines craft loop – Tweetheart personalised placemat

This morning, a few amazing and talented Instagram moms shared some fun Valentine’s crafts in a Valentine’s craft Photoloop

Valentine’s craft loop – Photo by @Raisingksquared

The moms

Each mom interpreted the theme according to their child’s personality, age and skills and came up with some beautiful masterpieces to celebrate the month of love.

The moms are: ( so pop over and give them a follow)
6.@raising_the_gallow_girls 7.@sawdustandhighheels
9.@tashaleigh_cpt and


Hamish and I made a personalised tweetheart placemat for the photoloop and i was very impressed at how easy it was to do.

Tweetheart personalised placemat

For this we used a precut heart placemat from Clicks and some Dala Teddy finger paints.

Items needed

First we painted Hamish’s foot blue with some finger paint, to be the birds body.

Foot painted
Painted foot

And carefully helped him to stand do that we could print a footprint onto the placemat.I was careful to help lift him onto and off off the placemat as not to smudge the paint.

Printed image

He then painted wing and facial features and I added a bit of text with a permanent marker.

Heart gift
Final product

The perfect personalised gift for a grandparent or relative and the nicest way to tweet some love.

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