How to use flashcards with your child

Flashcards can be a playful means to introduce children to new words, images or concepts, using the importance of repetition to children’s memorization skills.

As children grow so the way they learn evolves.

Younger children are inclined to want to involve more play in their learning and one of the benefits of flashcards is the ability to introduce them and use them in several games.

How to introduce flashcards

Repeating words to children so that they can learn them is a natural process of learning. Adding a pictorial clue offers great visual stimulation in addition to the auditory learning.

When you first start using flashcards with your child, you may start with basic images representing words.

As your child grows you can start to add written words to help develop reading and writing comprehension.

ABC flashcards
Make your own alphabet flashcards

How to create flash cards

In the blog Make your own alphabet flashcards I show you a simple set of 4 types of flashcards that i’ve made to use with Hamish.

You can make flashcards on any subject and older children can be encouraged to make their own flash cards to assist when learning for tests.

You can also get as some or as creative as your child’s personality.

I once made an entire set of Pokemon Alphabet flashcards to teach one of my sons the alphabet.

Using the flashcards

There are many ways to use flashcards, here are our 5 favourite

  • Flash each card one at a time and have your child repeate what is on the card.
  • Play hide and flash – hide your flash cards in various locations in the house and let your child find them, they need to shout out the letter, word or image when finding the flashcard.
  • Print or make 2 sets of the same flashcard and play snap.
  • Tape flashcards to the wall and have your child throw a bean bag at a card and read the card
  • Use beads to place over the letter on a card and form the letter.

The important thing for parents is to serve as a guide when using flashcards. By using flashards to teach a child to deliberately learn, you will instill good learning habits.

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