How To Make Yogo Pops

Yogo pops ? I see your curiosity…. The truth is I’m sure these lollies have a variety of names but in our home we call them yogo pops.

Yogo pops

This easy recipe is the perfect treat for the kids and is super quick to make.

Easy yogo pop

You will need:

  • Fair cape snack pack yoghurt any flavour.
  • Spoon or ice cream stick


Place a spoon in your yoghurt pot and freeze until hard.

Yoghurt spoon
Place the spoon in the centre of the yoghurt

When you take the yogo pop out of the deep freezer, remove the top covering and pop it out the plastic pot.

Pop out pot
Pop it out the pot by squeezing the sides

All thats left to do is hand it to the kids and remember to save one for mamma too 😊

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