Packing a healthy Lunch Box with Fair Cape Dairies

Yoghurt treat
Yum … a delicious treat!


One of Bears favourite treats is yoghurt and he can eat two little pots a day without any persuasion.

This means my weekly shopping list contains up to three snack packs of yogurt a week.

My first choice is usually the Fair Cape character packaged yoghurt snack packs. Bear loves Barney so that’s his obvious choice.

Barney treats
Barney yoghurt treats


But he also loves the delicious flavours of candyfloss, vanilla and cookies and cream that Fair Cape offer.

These enticing flavours are far too yummolicious to share and the kids bids loudly on who is eating which.

Yummy flavours
Delicious flavours

Aside from the wide assortments of flavours that cater to each of our big families tastes, I also enjoy that Fair Cape snack pack yoghurt is thicker than some other yoghurts, allowing Bear’s little fingers to confidently manovour a spoonful to his mouth without it falling off the spoon under his unstable guidance.

Bear eating his yoghurt treat.


Bear loves his food and his school give the children a yoghurt a day that we supply for a morning snack.

Although he eats a healthy breakfast and a cooked lunch at school, I still pack a lunch for him to eat at snack time.

A healthy lunch box

Aside from his Fair Cape snack pack yoghurt each day, I send a fruit and a snack pack of biscuits or rice cakes.

If he is staying for aftercare I pack him a sandwhich and some cheese. Being a toddler means he can be really fussy, some days he eats something and the next day he doesn’t. Knowing this I will include a second Fair Cape yoghurt as he will definitely eat that.

Bear takes a 500 ml of milk and a 500 ml of juice each day.


The rule to packing a lunch for toddlers is :

  • Keep it fun.
  • Pack small bite size portions.
  • Pack foods that aren’t too messy for school.
  • Remember your child is trying to be independent so don’t add too much packaging. It’s hard for little fingers to open packets and undo cling wrap.

You dont need to be a master chef to whip up a nutrious fun toddler lunch you just need a little imagination.

  • Use cute silicone cupcake holders to store finger foods and dried fruit.
  • Use cookie cutters to cut sandwhiches, fruit and cheese into fun shapes.
  • Use food colouring to draw faces onto rice cakes, muffins or sandwhiches.

Rule of thumb is to keep portions small but add a wide variety.

Lunch box idea
A fun lunch box idea

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