How to make your own teranium

Recently Hamish was on Expresso Morning show with Sparkle parties showing some of the sustainable crafts this imaginative party planning company offer as part of their party service.One of those crafts was this beautiful teranium that Hamish got to keep after the show.It holds pride of place in our home on his shelf and is such an easy craft to introduce the water cycle, how plants grow and how to take care of plants to preschoolers.So, inspired by Sparkle Parties I thought I’d show you how to make an easy teranium with your little ones.

Make teranium
Easy teranium to make

Make your own teranium

You will need:

  • Clean wide mouth jar and lid
  • Small pebbles ( relative to the size of your jar)
  • Activated charcoal
  • Soil
  • Colourful fish tank stones ( optional)
  • Small plastic figures – Hamish used a dinosaur but you can use fairies, little houses, any plastic animals or little dolls
  • Cuttings from a succulent plant
You can use any plastic figures in your teranium

How to assemble your teranium

  • Scoop the small pebbles into the jar
  • Then add some activated charcoal ( Your jar should be about a quarter full now)
  • Now add the soil to just over the half way mark of your jar
  • Plant your succulent.
  • Add the fish tank stones if you want to add some colour to your jar
  • Add your decorative stones or plastic figures
  • Water your teranium. It is best to water with a spray bottle.
  • Put the lid on

How to care for your teranium

How to care for a teranium
Place your teranium where it gets enough sunlight
A teranium is a self watering little garden. It will need to be placed where it can get enough light energy necessary for photosynthesis.The succulent will produce glucose ( a plant food source), oxygen and water vapour. This water vapour will colect on the lid and trickle down the sides of the jar to self water your plant.Water your teranium at least once a month unless you notice that the soil is dry and needs watering sooner.

Happy gardening

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