Park runs and your children

Parkrun South Africa organise free 5km timed runs in various locations around South Africa each week.

These runs are open to everyone, there’s no need to be a serious runner. You can also walk the races.

They are safe with several marshals along the park land routes.

Blouberg park run 2016

How to join

It’s really easy to join. You register online and print a barcode ID.

This ID goes with you each week and helps you to keep track of your own times, amount of runs, ect

Locations and times

There are currently 223 locations nation wide hosting weekly park runs and most start at 8am.

You can find all the information on your closest park run on the parkrun south africa website.

Warming up
Century city park run

Running with kids

Yes, you can run with your children and I have done quite a few park runs with Hamish.

As a baby he would sit in his jogger pram and I would push him. Now that he is older he walk/ runs along side us.

In September, when he turns 4 years old, we can register him and he will recieve his very own bar code to record his runs. He is really excited about this.

Children under the age of 11 years old are required to have an adult run beside them at all times during the park run to ensure the safety of the child.

Things to note

The course does not supply water, so it’s a good idea to carry water along route for your child.

Your child should wear comfortable clothing and good running shoes.

Keep it fun.

Young kids may not make the full 5km and will need to jump in a stroller or be carried.

The routes are uneven so a jogger pram is the best option when choosing a stroller.

Running with dad
Warming up with dad

Benefits of running with your child

Not only is running with your children a good way to set a healthy lifestyle for your family but it also offers a great way to bond with your child.

So, what are you waiting for …. join a park run today.

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