Bookish play : Disney Frozen stuck on stories

With Frozen fever all over our house I thought I’d start our new year with some bookish play using this fun book: Disney Frozen Stuck on Stories

This is currently one of Hamish’s favourites and I love to take it with me if we are travelling as it keeps him busy with several activities that don’t require my attention for him to play.

You can read my review here

Dusney Frozen book
Disney frozen stuck on stories

How to start

We always start our bookish play in the same way each week, by reading through the book and opening discussion on the characaters, story and talking about the illustrations.

Then we move onto the activity that accompanies the book’s theme.

To compliment this book, I wanted to use the little characters for some small world play and so I decided to set up an Iceland for Hamish to act out the story on his own.

Ice theme small world play
Frozen Iceland

Make your own Frozen land

To set up you will need:

  • Container for “ice”
  • Disposible nappy ( remove the inner and wet with water to get the desired texture)
  • Frozen characters
Supplies needed
Items you need

To play

I try not to direct Hamish’s play but to rather set out an invitation for him to play.

This allows him to interpret the story as he understood it, develops his imagination and creativity and leaves him free to play with no restrictions.

He often makes up stories very far from the one we read, an that is ok. His imagination is developing.

The ” snow ” texture is a good sensory activity and you could freeze this prior to have it cold or even replace the disposibld nappy snow with shaving cream or real ice.

An invitation to play
An invitation to play and interpret the story as he understood it

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