Bookish Play : Peace star

Many of the books we read have messages of tolerance and friendship and the Peace star by Isabella Holden is one of my favourites.

The peace star
The peace star

How to start

We always start our bookish play in the same way each week, by reading through the book and opening discussion on the characaters, story and talking about the illustrations.

After reading this story we decided to use the book to discuss how we could be nice if friends are fighting, opening a discussion on friendships.

Then we move onto the activity that accompanies the book’s theme.

To compliment this book, I wanted to revise the colour yellow and the star shape. To do that I gave Hamish an assortment of star cookie cutters and some yellow paint to make a page of star prints.

Star print
Dip in the paint and print

What you need :

For this activity you will need :

  • White paper
  • Yellow ginger paint
  • Star Cookie cutters in assorted sizes
Star prints
Making star prints

How to play :

Give your child a sheet of paper and lay out the cookie cutters in front of your child so that they can chose the one they want to use.

In a flat container pour out some paint so that your child is able to dip the entire cutter to make prints.

Set aside to dry.

Once it is dry you could use this activity with an older child for them to list ways they can be peaceful, show Ubuntu or be a good friend in each star.

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