How to start a Pandemic journal with your children

We are currently living through not only a worldwide pandemic, the Covid-19 virus, but a time in history that will be recorded and learnt about in the future.

Many people are recording these moments in photos, online videos, social media posts and memes.

But how are your children recording this time in history?

The Diary of Anne Frank

As we sit through a 21 day lockdown in South Africa, there has been a meme about Anne Frank spending 761 days hidden in a small attic and most of us unable to withstand the luxury of being confined to our homes, with our families, Wifi, food and all our comforts.

Image source : travel tales and tips

Whilst there is a vast difference between a young girl during a world war, trying to survive daily and our current pandemic, it is still a time of fear, sadness and uncertainty as the world fights this virus.

Because of that courageous young, frightened girl, who took solice in her diary, we have an accurate account of the world through her eyes.

A diary that has captured the hearts of all who have read it and taught us so much in so few pages.


How many of us today, still write an old school diary or journal ?

How many of us record our thoughts free of social media?

A journal is a great way for children to write or draw their emotions, record their experience and express themselves without judgement.

These books of raw, uncensored experiences will be invaluable to them 10 years from now as they open their history books to answer the question ….. What were you doing during the 2020 pandemic?

Tips to journal with your children

  • Make it a family activity – provide each family member with a book to decorate and use.
  • Make it a habit– especially with small children you could dedicate a specific time to journal as a family. With older children you can write this into their schedules until they are able to write unprompted.
  • Let them express themselves- this is their space. Let them express themselves as they are comfortable. There is no right or wrong way to journal.
  • Journal box – collect a box of stationary, stickers, washi tapes,ect that your child can use to decorate their journal with.
  • News – for older children, encourage them to print pieces of news that are noteworthy and record their feelings about it. Watching to see that this does not affect their mental health and cause them anxiety.
  • Add photos – if you can, add photos of your child and the activities that keep them busy.
  • Offer prompts -see The journal jar
  • Have fun – don’t let the journal become a chore.


There is no right or wrong way to journal. Each of us express ourselves differently and you may find your one child writes long essays, whilst another draws comics.

Encourage and support your child’s individual style of expression as well as their privacy when introducing your journals.

Happy journaling