The journal prompt jar

In the blog post, How to start a Pandemic journal with your children, I speak about starting a journal with your child during this pandemic to help them to express how they are feeling and what they are thinking right now.

I also share some valuable tips if you or your child are new to keeping a journal.

One of those tips is an idea we first used in 2011,and that is of a journal prompt jar.

What is a journal prompt jar?

The journal prompt jar is an old glass jar that has been cleaned and labled.

Inside are several slips of paper with a journal prompt written on
It is used to encourage your child to find inspiration as to what to write about.

Journal prompts

Some prompts to include:

• My favourite day
My best friend
• I live……

• My mother/father
• A new day
• Pets are……
• Guess what?
• My favourite sweets
• Last night i dreamed….
• My brother/sister
• My teacher said….
• I like school because….
• It rained….
• We went to the…
• I like the beach because…
• A bully is…..
• My favourite colour
• Don’t eat_________because…
• Friends should….
• A secret
• What i watched on tv this week
• Heartache is….

• My house
• Making pizza
• My best memory
• Good friends are….
• The time i lied
• My favourite school subject
• Rainbows are….
• Love is….
• A nightmare i had
• What i want to be when i grow up
• My favourite movie
• I know my parents love me because…
• My fears
• My worst day
• Rules of our home
• Responsibility means
• My favourite book and author
• My dream day

You could have as many prompts or as many jars as you require.

Happy journaling

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