I tried a menstrual cup for the first time

Two months ago I received a menstrual cup from Lula cup to try.

I have to admit I was incredibly doubtful and almost anxious about trying.

Since a young girl I’ve exclusively used sanitary pads and even the thought of a tampon had me cringing so this was very much out of my comfort zone.

The Lula menstrual cup

About lula cup

Lula is a Zulu word meaning easy and convenient.

Lula cup are passionate about menstrual cups and helping other women experience their periods un the most easy and convenient way.

With the global pandemic last year, Lula cup saw the opportunity to introduce their affordable silicone product to the world.

Benefits of using a menstrual cup

For many women menstrual products can cost a great amount each month and there are often thousands of women each month with no access to sanitary products.

Your Lula cup costs the same amount as 5 packets of pads, and with the knowledge that a menstrual cup can last up to 7 years, imagine how many pads you would use in that time. And what that would cost you.

Lula cup saves you money each month and is affordable.

Lula cup is also sustainable, stopping our landfills from being filled with hygiene products.

Lula cup is packaged in a reusable material bag, which is easy to store in your bag and eliminates waste.

All printing of instructions is also done on 100% recycled paper.

Lula cup also donate 1 cup for every 10 sold to young girls who otherwise can not afford hygiene products, helping young girls to stay in school.

My experience

I shared my experience of my first time trying a Lula menstrual cup on Instagram .

Here is my first impression…..

“I tried the Lula cup this past week and I must admit it wasn’t as daunting as I first anticipated.

Whilst certainly different to my normal sanitary hygiene products, I managed to both insert and remove with ease.

It was a bit messy,especially when I removed it as there is a certain knack to removing the cup, but I realise this is something one gets used to or perfects with use and I agree with so many of you who gave me advise before hand, it takes more than one menstrual cycle to get used to.

The first day was increadibly nerve wracking for me and I kept checking to see everything was holding with no leaks.

I also didn’t chance sleeping with it in, opting for pads instead …do any of you sleep with it in?

But it wasn’t uncomfortable, and by day 2 I was a lot more relaxed.
At the end of my cycle I felt i had finally made friends with my menstrual cup and  found it really easy to clean each time and store away for next month.

So, the big question is… would I continue to use it?

Yes, I really would. “

Final Thoughts

I’ve now used my menstrual cup for the second month and it certainly gets easier.

I still use sanitary pads with it if I’m out and don’t sleep in it but as I get more comfortable i know these will fall away.

Several people asked me about sizing and it’s best to pop an email or call and be comfortable with the Size suggested.

I was increadibly anxious to start but as you perfect your own way to insert and remove the cup it definitely gets easier.

I think the menstrual cup is a wonderful idea and I’m glad I’ve tried this.

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