Painting from a swing

We recently saw our friend Minimatise Diaries do the most fun activity with her girls.

She had them swing on their tummies, balancing on their swings outside and underneath them was a piece of card on which they were painting.

I knew Hamish and I had go try it.

Paint and swing

Getting started

To do this activity you need:

a swing


Cardboard box

Apron or old clothing

Let the fun begin

Firstly we opened the old Takealot box and spread it out under the swing.

Next I put out a selection of paints and brushes before explaining to Hamish what we were going to do.

Then he climbed into the swing and the fun began.

Swing and paint


I don’t only love this activity for it’s fun level but also because swinging allows your child to neutralize any disruptions that have been caused by the vestibular system.

Swinging also helps to develop your child’s gross motor skills, core muscle strength and fine motor skills.

Being on a swing is often very calming for your child as they swing back and forth and this rocking motion stimulates the central context, helping them to focus.

Other areas of the brain like spatial awareness, balance, muscle control and rhythm are also stimulated.

So as well as encouraging creativity this a great activity to introduce to your child.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it and your child’s reaction.

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