Make your own Popit! Learning games

We are Popit! Crazy in our home.

Loving the new Popit! Sensory toys

These versatile sensory toys are not only great to keep Hamish busy on road trips, relieve anxiety or stress, calm fidgeting and exercize those fine motor and hand eye coordination skills.

You can play learning games with them too.

Currently I use a whiteboard marker. Which wipes off with water, to write numbers, shapes, words or the answer to sums and Hamish pops the correct bubble.

For example:
Maths – give maths sums written on card and write the answers on the Popit. Have your child pop the correct answer.

Route counting– write numbers 1 -10 or 1-20 onto the popit and let yourchilc pop each number as they count.
Also good to count in 2’s, 5’s,10’s,20’s,etc

Odd and even – write numbers and have your child pop all the odd or even numbers only.

Match up – write several numbers and duplicate them . Ask your child to popall the 1’s or 2’s or 3’s, etc

Alphabet- sing the Alphabet song and pop each letter as you go .

Upper and lower case – write all the upper case letters on the popit and give your child a chart or Alphabet cards with lower case letters on. Let them pop the corresponding Uppercase letter.

Names -Write the Alphabet on the popit and leg your child pop the letters of their name. You can do this for spelling words as well.

Colours – for smaller kids use a rainbow popit and have your child only pop the colour you mention or point at on a set of colour cards you can make.

There are so many ways to incorporate learning areas into these little popit games. How many other ways could you use these to teach in the class or homeschool room?

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